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Consignment Hours and Dates

You do not need an appointment to bring your items in for consignment. However, we only take items from the 1st - 23rd of each month. We like to save that last week for some much needed organization, inventory control and PAYOUTS! :) 

Consignment hours are daily, Monday-Saturday from 11am-4pm with some exceptions if agreed upon before you come by. 

We will look at (approximately, we aren't that strict) 25 items at a time and any wrinkle-prone items should be hung or we will not be able to accept them. All items must be clean, in good condition and seasonally appropriate to be accepted. *See "Brands We Love" and "What Are We Taking" under Consignment for more details*

Please don't be offended if we offer feedback on bring-backs or are unable to take certain items, our job is to make sure we take pieces in that will sell for you, and trust us, we are good at our job! <3


When in doubt, call us :) we will be more than happy to let you know what we are currently taking in. You can reach us at (714) 465-9440.