What Are We Taking?

We take items seasonally, so the easiest way to decide what to bring is to think about what the weather will be like for the next 2 months and use your best judgement.

Granted, we are in Southern California so the weather here is pretty sunny and gorgeous year-round. Even so, leather jackets in June and denim minis in December would be tough to sell, and we can guide you on when to bring what.

Below is a general guideline of items we look for each month but please give us a call or go ahead and bring any items you aren't sure of their season and we can let you know.

January-Still winter, but this is when we start to phase out of heavy coats and into the cozy sweaters. It's a tricky month for consignment as theses pieces stay until March!

February/March- Spring comes early in SoCal so we are going to be looking for Florals, lighter sweaters, sheer long sleeves for layering, longer skirts, Easter dresses and hats.

April-Summer is coming! We will be looking for more shorts, shorter dresses, and starting to phase out the floral madness from the last couple months. 

May/June/July-Prime summer consignment, meaning white pants, shorts, tanks, cover-ups, anything summer goes! 

August/September-It's time for Fall! Those dark colors, boots, and anything that just begs to cozy up with a Pumpkin Spice latte is in. It's also Homecoming time so bring those dresses taking up room in the closet. 

October/November-Winter is Coming. It's time for gorgeous coats and jackets you've been saving! We will also start on Holiday dresses.

December-New Year's gear is very popular this month, and we are still looking for those gorgeous coats, leather jackets, Uggs and winter gear.